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Thyself Haunted Bag

Designed by Dianthe Bells
Published by Dianthe Bells (Australia)
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Disenthralled with being haunted and assailed? Haunt yourself for a change. Thyself Haunted Bluebell Sachet is a parlour crochet pattern concocted for your boudoir pleasure. Only dainty scraps are required, but they are deadly specific—pure silk ribbon in moonlight cream stained with old tears. You will also form poufs of ribbon to represent dead flowers from a tear-sodden bridal bouquet. Sob while you load black wool felt with wanton bluebell fragrance of the damp woods. French blue silk satin transposes into an inner bluebell pouch. Why? What for? Let us continue… Entirely hand sewn with despondent silk thread. Made with your hands, your breath, your unspoken words, and no doubt a prick of your own blood.

Wise words on how to haunt a ruby which is kept as a charmer, sealed within the sachet. Keep sachet in your lingerie drawer and know its lonely music.


Thyself Bag Ribbons

Flower, oh soul to me,
Thy velvet lips a secret hold,
And whisper constancy.

September Roses, A Collection of Verse
Nellie Seelye Evans (1908)


4ply pure wool in Bluebell

3.00mm crochet hook

Matt silk ribbon 2.5cm/1” wide in old,

stained with tears cream

Silk Satin fabric in French Blue

Pure wool felt in black

Matching silk sewing thread for French

Blue silk Large, thick darning needle for weaving ribbon

Fragrant sachet powder in “bluebell of the damp woods”

A 1cm/½” ruby jewel, smooth and flat


English/Australian Terms Used.

Tension slightly firmer than average. Keep trebles/dc taut.

9.5cm approximate size

The bluebell consists of a front a back crochet piece, an inner perfumed felt shape holding sachet powder enclosed in a silk bag. Ribbon lacing holds bluebell together. The fragrance may be refreshed at some later time.

Natural fabrics and threads have been used for bluebell. Synthetics will not impart the desired effect.


Made two pieces, one for front and one for back.

1. Chain 16, 1 treble/dc in 4th chain from hook. Treble in each chain to end (14 treble). Chain 3 for turning chain.

2. 14 treble to end. Chain 3, turn.

3. As row 2.

4. As row 2.

5. As row 2.

6. As row 2.

7. As row 2.

8. As row 2.

9. 2 treble in first treble, 1 treble in each of next 12 treble, 2 treble in last treble. Chain 3.

10. 4 treble in first treble, treble in each of next 14 treble, 4 treble in last treble. Chain 3.

11. Work 22 trebles across row. Chain 3 to represent first treble/dc in crocheting around edge of bluebell.

Form trebles around edge of bluebell. (14 at top, 22 at base, 24 each side plus an extra treble in each corner before continuing), taking up one strand of yarn only with hook. It requires some patience to do this and the hook may need to coax some strands. Keep trebles at a slightly firm tension, so they have no loose loops.

Weave in ends of yarn. Hand wash bluebell lightly in silk-soap or non-chemical liquid. Pat out to shape gently on an ironing board. Leave until dry.

Make paper template of bluebell shape by carefully drawing around crochet piece on paper. This includes a 1cm/½” seam allowance for silk. Cut template for felt 1cm smaller all around. The scented insert and silk bag are smaller than the crochet bluebell so that the front and back can be laced together with ribbon.

Cut two pieces of wool felt and two pieces of satin from template. Set aside satin on tissue paper.

Lay on the table a length of baking paper or similar to work over. Sprinkle sachet powder over one piece of the felt. Top with the other felt piece. Pin together. Thread needle with black cotton. Sew around with a small stabbing stitch, close to the edge, resting haunted ruby (see instructions below) on this in the centre as you stitch around.

Take a fine hand sewing needle and thread with silk. Right sides of silk together, pin with silk pins. Join by tiny backstitches around top and both sides of satin bluebell shape, leaving openings on lower edge for turning and centre top for loop placement. Hand overcast each piece separately. Turn right side out. Insert a 2cm piece of folded ribbon at the centre top, closing seam neatly. Slip felt shape between the two satin pieces. Close lower seam. Place satin bluebell between the two crochet bluebell motifs. Choose a large-eyed darning needle and thread with the trimming ribbon. Lace bluebell together with ribbon, starting at the centre of base and moving through front and back every two trebles. Form loose poufs by lifting with the darning needle. Tie ends in a soft knot, trimming them into a v-shape. The loop is for picking up bluebell.


One ruby jewel is required (perhaps taken from a personal ring, being oblong or otherwise flat in shape). The ruby will be made gleaming.

A linen, silk or cotton handkerchief needs to be set aside for drying.

Wash hands carefully. Have prepared two porcelain cups filled with warm, distilled water. Cleanse with non-chemical detergent or pure soap in one cup. Rinse in distilled water in the other. Pat ruby dry with handkerchief.

You will now haunt your private ruby before sealing it in the bluebell sachet. Wear the ruby next to your body for two days, within your clothing. Set your emotions and mind constantly on entering the ruby. This needs to be a special time, so wait until the moon broods over your zodiac symbol. Or choose a full moon that emits the right quiver. Pledge to yourself. has an astrological calendar that displays the phases of the moon and is a valuable resource for lunar information. Enter your local time and location.




Thyself Pearl



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