Tales of Fairies, Mermaids and Love.

Secret Tales Of Faeries, Mermaids and Love

Short stories, poems and other delights from the days of wild mead.
Wise, scented tales. Opulent poems to replenish the heart.
Do you desire romance of the Soul?
Recapture the lustrous dew of imagination.
Twilight Tales children's section.

Fairy Realm

When the painted birds laugh in the shade.

Where our table with cherries and nuts is spread,
Come live & be merry, and join with me,
To sing the sweet chorus of "Ha, Ha, He!"

(William Blake 1757-1827) Bluebird

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Fairy Glowing

Faery Tales

"Do you know the secret of life? Do you know the password which will open all closed doors? Do you know the thrill of real life? Would you like to feel continually as you do on some fine spring morning when the sun is just peeping through the rose and turquoise and flirting with a million diamond dewdrops? You can. Here is the password for you: I Am That which I desire to be." (Walter Clemow Lanyon 1887-1967)

All types of fairies dwell within the swirl of rapture: elves, fae, pixies, wind spirits, fire fairies, zodiac fairies, love fairies, violet vibrations, rhapsodies of the soul, exotic fairies, cottage fairies, fairies of Victoriana, Welsh fairies, many more of nature from many lands and ancient times.

Nestle close to the firelight... I shall tell you of Folk lore.... curious tales of a domestic nature. Another time we may sit in the parlour of morning dewdrops and read of Victorian authors, many of them men, who wrote our fairytales. Do fairies exist? All things exist... and so said William Blake in Jerusalem... our imagination being All and bringing forth our desires and hopes, which are the dear chldren of our imagination, into a golden birth. We are glittering orbs in Divine eternity.

John Thackray Bune left us these twinkling stars: 

"Now this is Fairy Land, the dear sweet land of Once Upon a Time, where there is constant light, and summer days, and everlasting flowers, and pleasant fields and streams, and long dreams without rough waking, and ease of life, and all things strange and beautiful; where nobody wonders at anything that may happen; where good fairies are ever on the watch to help those whom they love; where youth abides, and there is no pain or death, and all trouble fades away, and whatever seems hard is made easy, and all things that look wrong come right in the end, and truth and goodness have their perpetual triumph, and the world is ever young.

"And Fairy Land is always the same, and always has been, whether it is close to us—so close that we may enter it in a moment—or whether it is far off; in the stories that have come to us from the most ancient days..." (Fairy Tales - Their Origin and Meaning by John Thackray Bune, 1828-1899)

Fairy Flower
Mermaid Tales

Jewel-encrusted stories of the sea sirens whose pearls symbolise mystique passion. Re-enchant your life with entrancing tales of the twilight water faeries. Read enlessly of ardent love frangrant with white jasmine and mermaid's tears.

"The mermaid's allure is her mystery from the depths of the sea." (Unknown)

Fairy Flower
Twilight Tales

Long ago stories and poems of tranquillity. A collection of serene nursery tales and books including classic favourites. Dotted with images and illustrations from Victorian and Vintage master artists. Children's fairy food recipes can be found under Faery Dainties. Walk through Violet Woods to see toadstool rings, gardens and arbours. This is where you will find secret notes twinkling with fairy dust.

Fairy Flower

Love Tales

Rose Velvet Literature is for lovers of Victorian Swoon... romance, poetry, love letters, novels, short stories, all devoted to the quill of Venus. Bring your calling card to Miss Peach's parlour.

Share the drifting scent of words that perfumed your heart and inspired transcendence in your own pen. Compose letters of charm and beauty for others to appreciate. Download images of lush roses to fortify our passionate souls as we bud and create from our essence. Participate, as you will, in the parlour of velvet moments, where you have my invitation to a perpetual soiree of literature heights. Read
swooning romance from courtly love. Be treated to a profusion of perfumed images.

Lady Saaelfen writes on secrets, historical fantasy romance and wisdom from the Isle of the misted mind.

Poems For The Passionate... poetry for the honeyed soul.

Rosedew Beauty

“You are in the beauty business. You have every resource at your fingertips. Beauty is love... projection of desire. It's the passion of expectation and fulfillment. The loveliness of the soul..." (Beauty For The Asking, Movie 1939)

Fairy Flower

Bedewed Tales From Seaweed Cottage

I am the storyteller of days gone by. These are my tales of Old Curiosities. Whimsical, charming snips of wisdom for adults longing to find the secret door into the fantasia of their true, creative, expressive selves. The key is found in imagination, the purity of the Soul which desires beauty and music Divine.

Old Thatched English Cottage.

Are you ......


Fairy Flower

Occult Author Dianthe Bells

Rapturous Short Stories

 Beneath the wayside trees she dips her pen in the moonstruck sea and records the voices of fellow travellers, the Magpie Faery tittering on her shoulder. 

 Fairy Flower


“Well, well, my children; to know and love a wood truly, it may be that one must live in it as I have done; and then a lifetime will scarcely reveal all its beauties, or exhaust its lessons. But even then, one must have eyes that see, and ears that hear, or one misses a good deal. It was in the wood that I heard this story that I shall tell you.”

“How did you hear it!” asked the children.

“A thrush sang it to me one night.”

“One night!” said the children. Then you mean a nightingale.”

I mean a thrush,” said the old man. Do I not know the note of one bird from another! I tell you that pine tree by my cottage has a legend of its own, and the topmost branch is haunted.”

“But did you really and truly hear it!” they asked.

“I heard it,” said the old man. “But, as I tell you, one hears and one hears. I don’t say that everybody would have heard it, merely by sleeping in my chamber; but, for the benefit of the least imaginative, I will assure you that it is founded on fact.”

“Begin, begin!” shouted the children.

“Once upon a time,” said the old man, “there was a young thrush, who was born in that beautiful dingle where we last planted the fern. His home -nest was close to the ground, but the lower one is, the less fear of falling; and in woods, the elevation at which you sleep is a matter of taste, and not of expense or gentility.

He awoke to life when the wood was dressed in the pale fresh green of early summer; and believing, like other folk, that his own home was at least the principal part of the world, earth seemed to him so happy and so beautiful an abode that his heart felt ready to burst with joy.

The ecstasy was almost pain, till wings and a voice came to him. Then, one day, when, after a grey morning, the sun came out at noon, drawing the scent from the old pine that looks in at my bed room window, his joy burst forth, after long silence, into song, and flying upwards, he sat on the top most branch of the pine, and sang as loud as he could sing to the sun and the blue sky. ‘Joy! joy!’ he sang. Fresh water and green woods, ambrosial sunshine and sun-flecked shade, chattering brooks and rustling leaves, glade, and sward, and dell. Lichens and cool mosses, feathered ferns and flowers. Green leaves! Green leaves! Summer! Summer! Summer!”

Illusha Amur Home Key



Underground Realms Warwick Goble 1862-1943 | The Robin Helen Alingham 1848-1926