Knit your own Moon Veil.

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Knitting By The Moon


Knitting is a torrid cocktail of magickal moods. It may be as demure as rose and lilac lace or wildly woody and pungent. The melodies of natural fibres love to entwine with your spirit of joy; as you knit with them you enter a lullaby of contentment. You'll find me simmering pots of petals and herbs, experimenting with nature's liqueurs. The Magpie Faery instructs me in gypsy ways...

Knitting in your jasmine-scented night garden; the emotional facet of you:

What to knit when the moon is in....

Cancer:  Cobweb lace shawl.

Leo: Throne cushion in empire red embellished with gold tassels and baubles.

Scorpio: Black,secretive cape lined with ox-blood pure silk.

Sagittarius: Tallit in milk wool woven with royal purple and emerald.

Virgo: Breezy, romantic mesh pattern skirt.

Taurus: Money bag in lichen green with oak tree pattern.

Aquarius: Frivolous top in zig-zag energy pattern.

Capricorn: Black and silver wand cover in rune stones pattern.

Pisces: Mermaid doll with seaweed pocket for gold doubloons to hang in your grotto.

Libra: Shell collecting bag in soft, natural string ornamented with seashore shells and glass drops.

Aries: Mars-red altar cloth with old-gold border and thunderbolts.

Gemini: Fuchsia satin cover for jewellery box, ornamented with pearled glass jewels.

Knitting Wisdom

The Old Yarn bids shy knitters to split their cocoons in the spring of curiosity and flutter away as wild gypsy knitters. As the bower bird adorns his nest with findings, so may you gild yourself with confetti cast-offs. Joy is not in perfect purchases; rather, search for quiet exhilaration as a child on a treasure hunt... beneath the leaves; under a gnome; within a bellflower; on a crisp breeze. 

All the colours of the seasons are yours to play with. Nature's fibres caress your soul. Trinkets and embellishments delight your natural self… it's the gypsy spirit in you. Defy faultlessness. Form your knotty stitches on vintage glass "tortoiseshell" needles. Knit an Elizabethan petticoat on a set of five double-points. Become a collector of antique and vintage knitting books and leaflets. Keep every tail of wool in a cotton bag -- one bright morning sprawl on the lawn, joining the endless ends; knit yourself a peasant's top. Simmer rose petals and poach a skein of undyed commercial wool in it. Knit a baby's bonnet in a serious! lace pattern for your childhood doll. Churn out a long spaghetti squiggle for a mindless orgasm. Ferret out an old stand with drawers that you can position beside your comfy chair. Set on it a wicker basket for handy oddities. Screw a small gold cup-hook on one side for hanging a couple of cotton bags and you have a nook for your gatherings. Knit or crochet tube cosies for your cherished implements (toss away those forlorn plastic jackets they come in) then bunch them up in a flea market china jug that's hand-painted with splotched old-fashioned flowers. 

The Old Yarn wanders the roads of life, knitting concoctions as she goes; the Magpie Faery tittering on her shoulder. Beneath the wayside trees she dips her pen in the moonstruck sea and records the voices of fellow travellers.

Think like a gypsy; knit like a cottager… and be free.



Brittany Girl by Daniel Ridgway Knight

Brittany Girl by Daniel Ridgway Knight

A glistening, pink diamond for Full Moon nights. Pattern for Moonbuds Silk Boudoir Bag for sale at Payhip