Poem Lady


Poetry for the honeyed soul. Written for lovers of innermost joy, and revellings.

by Dianthe Bells

The Pen of Scorpio
Love's Desire
Hoary Petals


The Pen Of Scorpio


Scorpio – master and slave in one.
An irresistible being.


I desire, spoke Scorpio...

parting lips of two bloody leeches.

Rather I burst from rapture

Than be reserved in love.

Let my droplets fall on the souls of those

Whose name I never knew...

Conjuring their orgasms, trilling to their suckling pleas.


Loves Desire


If you wish to see faeries, then you should know

Through mists of silk you must go.

For in violet moons they awake,

Images born from within

First of glass then of hue divine.


Hoary Petals


Eruptions of ardor!

Rime gardenia...

diablo insect desires to sip

your white dew.




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