Thedy Sue's Gold Satin Cushion Cover
"Mother Dear"
From The Jar, Alfred Hitchock Hour, Series 2 (1964)



Gold Satin Fabric, Heavy
Gold Metalic Bullion Fringe, 8cm Deep
Gold Metallic Machine Sewing Thread
Satin Sheen Thread for Embroidery
Lettering in Fabric Pen or Stamped
Inner Pad

Before purchasing the fabric work out the size you require your cushion to be, for example a 50cm square. You need enough for a front and back, plus seam allowance. Make a paper pattern.
Buy a heavy quality satin as this is a typical parlour or porch/veranda cushion of the tacky kind.

Measure out the length for bullion fringe.


The verse can be copied from the snap above if you want the original design. Either print it yourself or take to a fabric printing shop with the words printed out clearly on a sheet of paper.

Make or purchase the comfy inner pad.

Choose embroidery threads for bird and flowers or paint the design with fabric art colours.

Buy your requirements.

Handwash and press fabric. Bullion fringe may also be washed in delicate-care liquid. Dry flat on towels or hang over wooden clothes-horse. When handling fabric be careful not to snag the glossy satin.

First, complete the verse and embroidery.

Pin front and back together leaving opening for turning.

The fringe may be inserted in seam or hand-sewn around
edge with doubled gold thread later.

Sew a square cushion shape (using a sturdy seam).

Finish raw edges with zig-zag or bias binding for strength.

Turn to right side and slip stitch the opening edges together.

The effect should be carnival, vintage, sugary.

Sweet Sitting Folks!


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