Dianthe Bells titles enthuse you, the reader, with the ancient fire of imagination;

the irresistible magnetism of glame, the flame of pure desire. 

Bringing forth from your imagination a Fascinator, a Muse.

Glame is vibrant, pulsating.

Glame is also named Vril or Magnetism ~ Personal, Hypnotic Power.


Edmund Shaftesbury (1852-1926), an author of considerable force, wrote  these points as a 

checklist to puncture your awareness of  how the vital flow is hindered. 

Increasing one's power ~ the Vril Fire ~ requires  

training  the mind to observe all things, minute by minute, 

to master your disturbances. The mind is of course, the key to all.


Leakage of Magnetism occurs in the following ways:


1. By unsteadiness of the hands, arms or body.

2. Twitching of the eyelids, or constant winking.

3. Drumming with the fingers after the habit has been formed, or with the feet.

4. Sighing.

5. Yawning.

6. Wakefulness.

7. Swinging the arms, hands, legs, feet, head or body.

8. Rocking, after the habit has been formed.

9. Restlessness.

10. Twitching of the fingers, or any movement of any part of the body during embarrassment, 

or while speaking or being spoken to.

11. All kinds of embarrassment.

12. Awkwardness.

13. Shorter exhalations (in point of time) than inhalations.

14. Stammering and stuttering.

15. Lack of fluency in speech where it cannot be attributed to want of words or ideas.

16. Allowing the ankle to be turned or a strain to be put upon any muscle by an uneasy 

standing position. Never have the foot on its side. 

17. Never twist the body.


Who are exempt from all these?

The cool, determined, successful, magnetic people of the world.


Magnetising Milk



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