Lured Guns lady-bicycle-rider-victorian Golden Wattle
Lured Guns
by Dianthe Bells
Australia 1840… a salty, fleshly, ghost mystery. Short story.
Free Bush Stories and Colonial poetry.
Writing Vignettes On A Gumleaf
by Dianthe Bells
HD Instant Download Australian bush flowers. Flower and tree spirits captured. Mystical Success As A Fine Art
The Old Masters writing on self improvement, riches.
Fyfa Autumn Knitted Bush
Cradle Pattern for Faery Doll by Dianthe Bells.


Here we rested on the grasses, in the glorious summer hours, 

When the waters hurried seaward, fringed with ferns and forest flowers; 

When our youthful eyes, rejoicing, saw the sunlight round the spray 

In a rainbow-wreath of splendour, glittering underneath the day; 

Sunlight flashing past the billows, falling cliffs and crags among, 

Clothing hopeful friendship basking on the shores of Wollongong.

Wollongong by Henry Kendall (1839-1882)


Australian campfire eating for stockmen, highwaymen, rogues and convicts.


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